ITP Gmbh is handling with nearly all kind of machinery spare parts. Drum motors, hydraulic pumps, valves, disc springs and lot more. We have an individuel service for all of our customers.

We do not have a special catalogue. Our customers send us their enquiries and we check the European Market to find the product and the best price.
We arrange flight/sea transport and take care that you get all documents in time for customs clearance in your country.
In case you will have an enquiry, even if you are not sure if we are the correct company, you can send us an email and we will proof and keep you informed immediately.


Please send us your enquiries by email or fax and we will answer soonest.  Alternatively you can contact us personally by phone.

Managing Director Marietta Wellmann

Silberkauter Hof 1

65594 Runkel-Arfurt

Tel.:  06482 – 6079188

Fax.: 06482 – 6079189

e-mail: info@itpgmbh.de


Based on long-term contractual arrangements, tailor-made and individual servicing, continuous information exchange, excellent connections to leading manufacturers in Europe and USA, ITP Handelsberatungen GmbH provides following services:

> Export of European/USA products and equipment to
OEMs and Importers in target Asian countries

> Liaison measurers tuned to specific requirements of
our Asian clients in Europe and USA and vice-versa

> Penetration into additional market segments

> Marketing support and product sales for European
manufacturers with respect to selected Asian markets


Some of our main activities are:

> Structure foreign trade transactions

> Assist in organising project financing

> Advise in formulating technology transfer agreements,
technical and licensing arrangements and joint ventures

> Identify adequate supply sources of machinery,
spare parts, ancillaries and sub-assemblies


ITP GmbH deals with the following products.

> Electric motors and machinery
>  Drum Motors, Worm Gears, Wind Power Gears
> Spare parts and accessories
> OEM and aftersales market parts
> Sub assemblies
> Steel products + industrial equipment
> Raw materials
> Engineering services